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9.Lab XFD flotation cell

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Lab XFD flotation cell

Lab flotation machine provides flotation of minor ore samples in labs of geological,metallurgical,chemical and other industries. It is the best choice for you to do test the mine recovery and composit on your begining stage before mass mining plant.


XFDI:  the ordinary simple type, the impeller rotary speed can not be adjustable, and without LED display screen, without heater device, can not control temperature of the minerals.  

XFDII: it is the updated version of XFD I, the impeller rotary speed can be adjustable as your needs, but with LED display screen, without heater device, can not control temperature of the minerals. 

XFDIII:  It is the highest grade type. It uses inverter technology, variable speed impeller, digital display, and also change from the outside air to intake inflated with precise adjusted, clear and stable display. According to user needs, it can be equipped with a heater, temperature control device to control, display tank mine fluid temperature at any time. The machine can be equipped with additional water level automatically adjusts automatically administration and other devices, can achieve a higher level of automation.