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4.XPM Triple grinding miller

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XPM Triple grinding miller

XPM 120x3 triple series mill is a kind of grinding equipment which mill and analyze samples through dry grinding. Such mills are mainly used to mill and analyze samples by laboratories in departments such as metallurgy, building material, chemical, coal, water and electricity, commercial inspection, and geology.

They are also used to grind a small quantity of materials. 

The structure of such machine is as shown in Figure to Figure. See Figure for its overall structure which is mainly composed of three sets of grinding heads, clutch, mortar support, etc. Grinding head, mortar support and clutch are evenly installed on the rotating seat and in the bearing of rotating seat, at an angle of 120between each two of them. On the front of the base are mounted receiving support plate and electrical equipment; on its left is installed a motor. When the clutches are connected, the motor drives the rotation of the grinding head through the belt pulley, gear shaft.The other end of gear shaft and the gear of mortar support engage. Since relative sliding occurs due to clockwise rotation of grinding bar and clockwise rotation of mortar, the materials are grinded through the weight of grinding head.