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2.ARC plate separator

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ARC electrostatic separator Description

High tension electrostatic separator is performs separation under the electric intensity and gravity force based on the different of minerals in their conductivity and the variation of electrostatic force applied on these minerals when they pass through the electric field. It is suitable to separation of conductive mineral and non-conductive mineral,thus to obtain high-grade conductive concentrates and non-conductive concentrates,rutile ore and zircon ore.It may be used in combination with single plate separator,double separator,permanent magnetic separator.This machine is equipped with 0-45000V high-voltage generator,so that it can also be used for separating the high phosphorus ore or rutile ore that is difficult to separate.

Max output voltage:50000V

Working voltage:1.5-38000V

Working electrode:negative

Adjustable Range of electrode operation:30-80mm

Heating power:2.5-8KW

Processing capacity:2-3t/h


Overall size:1880*1180*3600mm